An introduction to the operational improvements
that can be realized with AceReal One

The merits and applications possible with the adoption of AceReal are introduced here by field and business type.
To enable these applications, links with other systems and the separate development of software according to the intended purpose are required.

1. Field Support

Cover for a shortage of expert staff

Current situation

The shortage of skilled engineers resulting from worker shortages due to declining birthrate and aging population is becoming more prominent at field support sites. As a result, engineers with little experience often go to sites by themselves, which makes it harder to maintain work quality. In addition, when workers are unable to handle the situation and need to confirm with an expert, they often have difficulty navigating through a task with just instructions over the phone.

With AceReal

Since it is possible to share the current conditions on site through video and sound in real-time, an expert can support work at multiple sites from the office in a timely manner. A consistent level of work becomes possible regardless of workers' skills and experience, and resources can be effectively utilized.
Also, with the timely sending of required information from the expert at the center to the sites, you can save the time and effort of referring to enormous manuals.

Cover for a shortage of expert staff

Enhance work efficiency through hands-free work

Current situation

If you are working with the conventional paper and mobile devices, you need to have a manual checklist in your hand.

With AceReal

The checklist is displayed in the space, without the need for you to hold the manual version in your hand Operating the screen using sound operation or head tracking (detection of the head's direction) enables hands-free work, and allows you to hold tools in both your hands.
In addition, it is not only PDF manuals that can be displayed; manuals that are created in 3D can also be displayed stereoscopically, enabling you to understand complicated mechanisms and functions. Since it allows workers to focus on the task without taking their eyes off the machine (eyes-free), it also helps you to ensure worker safety.

Enhance work efficiency through hands-free work

2. Factories

Operational improvements at manufacturing sites

■ Safety measures

By displaying danger prediction information, you can prevent hazards and protect the safety of workers before they act.
In addition, by making checklists of danger prediction activities that workers tend to become complacent about, you can raise awareness of risk management among the workers.

■ Data linkage

You can acquire QR code and JAN code information through the camera equipped in AceReal One, link it with BOM (bill of materials) data on the basis of the date of manufacture, manufacture control number, lot number, etc., and utilize it during manufacturing management and quality control.

■ Improvement of work quality

By recording the content of tasks and subsequently analyzing trends in task time and missed steps, it helps you to make the work taking place at sites more visible.

*QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Operational improvements at manufacturing sites

3. Infrastructure (railroad / aviation / electricity)

Operational improvement of maintenance work
and facility inspection

■ Enhancement of maintenance work efficiency

The device can display the inspection history, failure history, repair history, etc. required for maintenance/inspections, and can display accurate data according to operator's situation.

■ Enhancement of facility inspection efficiency

The device can display data related to the results of previous surveys of the facility, and can enable the checking and comparison of the information required for inspections in real time.
There is no need to go around with enormous manuals in hand; you can check the necessary materials and checklists when you need them. Hence, work can be carried out efficiently in limited space.

As AceReal One is dust and drip-proof, and can be worn with a helmet, it can be used during outdoor work or on a site with a lot of oily equipment.

Operational improvement of maintenance work and facility inspection

4. Construction

Operational improvement at construction sites

■ Elimination of paper

By inputting numbers with voice and displaying checklist on AceReal One, it leads to the paperless field notebooks (a notebook meant for using outdoor, to record the statement, charts, images, etc. at the construction site)
In addition, since data can be transmitted via network (wireless LAN, tethering, etc.), you can share the progress status of the construction with the office in a remote place in real time.

■ Visualization of construction sites

By displaying overall view of construction building which is essential for construction work in 3D, you can see dimensional view stereoscopically from various angles. As a result, you can display required information during construction and image after construction, in the space before construction. Moreover, as a sales tool, you can make a real presentation to the prospective buyers at the planned construction sites.

Operational improvement at construction sites

5. Car dealer

Operational improvement of car inspections
and maintenance

■ Enhancement of inspection work efficiency

There are various types of automobile inspections, from daily inspections to periodic inspections and maintenance, etc. There are various maintenance tasks involved depending on the content of the respective inspection, and the wide range of inspections are carried out with inspection slips in hand. Displaying checklists on AceReal One, and furthermore carrying out the input work by voice operation, enables hands-free work.
What's more, by displaying images of new components, the level of deterioration in the components of the vehicle under inspection can be visually compared.
For example, you can compare the color or volume of the engine oil, or cracks or scratches on the belt, with the photos during inspection.
Besides this, by recording video during the task using AceReal One's camera, the supervisor is able not only to check up later, but also to share that video with the customer in real time, which helps in improving customer satisfaction levels.

Operational improvement of car inspections and maintenance

6. Medical / health care

Educational support and cover for a shortage of doctors

■ Educational support by simulation

The device can superimpose educational content over training devices for the benefit of students and interns under training. Thanks to this, trainees can check that educational content while keeping their eyes on the training device, i.e. without diverting their eyes from the operative field (the visible area of the patient, on which the operation is being conducted) In this way, the trainees can acquire eyes movements that are similar to those used in real surgery, during training.
Furthermore, you can live stream video taken from a point close to the trainee's perspective during training to the trainer's PC. As a result, you the trainer can grasp in a timely manner what kind of hand movement the students or interns are performing, and can provide more accurate guidance.

■ Remote medical support

Video from close to the perspective of the AceReal One wearer can be live streamed to the PC of a health care provider. In addition to receiving instructions from the health care provider, the wearer's hands are free and they are able to perform multiple tasks efficiently. The "medical care system in areas with less number of doctors such as remote islands", "emergency medical care", and "nursing care system" can thus be further improved from their current state.

Educational support and cover for a shortage of doctors

7. Distribution

Productivity increases and measures against logistics fluctuation

■ Enhancement of picking productivity

During normal picking work, it is difficult to use both hands freely, because the pick list is in one hand, and the item is in the other hand, while at the same time the hand-held terminal has to be operated with either one of the hands.
With the hands-free and eyes-free AceReal One, a voice command from the operator can start up the camera which then reads the barcodes. At the same time, the pick list can be displayed, so that the picked item can be checked as they are moving on to the next one.In addition, by displaying an internal map of the warehouse, you can easily grasp locations, enabling productivity to be enhanced compared to conventional picking work.

■ Measures against logistics fluctuations

Unlike existing material-handling devices, AceReal One can be used in various kinds of work by switching between applications.
You can switch between applications for each task, such as arrival of goods, storage, picking, distribution processing, inspection, packing, sorting, shipping, etc., according to workload such as busy periods, off-periods, etc., and therefore operate AceReal One efficiently.

Productivity increases and measures against logistics fluctuation

8. Security / police

Security reinforcement and centralized management of information

■ Linkage with security systems

As it is possible to link AceReal One with facial recognition systems or security systems in real time, when the security guards staffing gates at events, concert venues, and airport baggage inspection areas and customs detect a suspicious person, they can identify the target immediately.

■ Support through cooperation with the management center

When the deployment of large numbers of people is required, such as in security preparations for large-scale events like the Olympics and escorts for state and official guests, security guards who are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the local area may be involved.
By utilizing AceReal, you can share map information or real time instructions from the management center to the field, and can deal with sudden rearrangements and guide people or cars smoothly.

Security reinforcement and centralized management of information

9. Sports / attractions / tourism

New added value by AR

■ Enhancement of added value to sports watching

By linking with multi-angle cameras and sports facility solutions, etc., the score, player information, and events at another venue can be superimposed as you watch the action. In this way, you can have additional information like TV broadcasts displayed while you watch a live match at the venue.
Also, by linking to SNS and uploading the feel inside the venue, you can transmit the overall sense of unity and of being there in the whole venue effectively to people outside.

■ Attractions using AR

In attractions using AR, players get immersed in the world of the game, separated from the real world of the theme park.
At AR attractions, video is superimposed while the players still see the real world, and characters that do not actually exist appear in the delicately constructed townscape inside the theme park.
As a result, the visitors can experience new surprises without breaking the sense of being in the theme park.

■ Development of new tourism markets

By wearing AceReal One at sightseeing spots, the historical ruins and buildings of the past can be displayed in front of your eyes.
New tourism markets can be developed by superimposing lost cultural properties into present-day space. Also, with multilingual support, AceReal One can guide foreign visitors accurately, and can cover for a lack of guides that can speak foreign languages.

New added value by AR