AceReal Apps

AceReal Apps

AceReal Apps is a cloud-based operations support application provided by SUNCORPORATION.Using AceReal Apps, customers do not have to develop their own applications,and can start using AceReal immediately after entering into the contract.
An Internet communication environment such as a wireless Lan is required in order to use it (not usable off-line).

  • Operations support application

Remote Support

With AceReal One, you can send high quality video and audio from the field to your head office or support center. Head office can also add instructions to the video received from the field and transmit it to AceReal One.

Key points
  • ・Share video and audio between workers and support staff
  • ・Send captured images with notes attached from support staff to workers
  • ・Connect with multiple people

Operational Improvements
  • Reduce the travel costs of business trips to domestic and overseas bases
  • Transmit skills from the experts
  • Improve beginners' work quality through work assistance
  • Safety measures for one-man jobs

Remote Support

Display Manuals

Information required for the maintenance of devices can be displayed in high-quality video on AceReal One. Information to be displayed can be managed on a computer and synchronized with AceReal One through simple operations.

Key points
  • ・Display PDF/video/images on the smart glasses
  • ・Reduce/enlarge the materials, turn pages using the controller or voice
  • ・Can register existing PDF data as it is

Operational Improvements
  • Enhance the productivity of beginners
  • Go paperless
  • Prevent leakage of confidential information such as manuals, etc

Display Manuals

Input checklist

Items to be checked can be displayed step by step, and you can mark off completed items. Work can be carried out without taking your eye off the objects, meaning it can be done more reliably.

Key points
  • ・Input the results of the work checklist on the smart glasses
  • ・Attach photographic evidence to the work results
  • ・Display work time on the smart glasses

Operational Improvements
  • Save work progress status
  • Save work evidence
  • Browse work history

Input into checklist

Voice input functionality

AceReal One is equipped with a microphone and a speaker, so voice input operation is possible with AceReal Apps.
It can even be used while holding tools in both hands since operations such as navigating the menu screen, reducing/enlarging materials, turning pages, etc. can be performed hands-free.