Ace in the hole for improvement of business efficiency,


* This is prototype of AceReal

Introduction Movie

What's AceReal?

AceReal is a total solution system with AR(Augmented Reality) technology. High spec glasses type computer and sophisticated AR software provide improvement of business efficiency to users.


High resolution and wide viewing angle transparent display
AceReal has binocular see-through display system. AceReal can show clear virtual images without disturbing user's field of view
Software for fusing the real world and 3D data in natural way
AceReal can overlay 3D virtual images on real space in front of you naturally.
Two cameras sensors for recognizing real space and objects
By parallax of two camera sensors, AceReal can recognize real space and objects.
Case example
AceReal is effective in such industry as manufacturing, maintenance, healthcare, education, entertainment.


Display resolution 1280×720px
Field of view 37.4°
OS Android(TM)4.4
Wireless LAN IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth(R) Bluetooth 4.0 + BLE
* The above spec may be changed without notice.

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